Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(28) Mommy By Mistake by Rowan Coleman

What single woman wouldn't love to be whisked away by a handsome man for a romantic weekend in Italy?

That is what happened to Natalie. She finds herself being whisked away by Jack Newhouse. A charismatic, handsome man. But nine months later, Natalie only has one man in her life. Her son, Freddie. Jack Newhouse dropped off of the face of the earth, leaving Natalie to question if the weekend was as amazing as she remembered.

Natalie is finding it tough being a single mother. All of her single friends avoid her. She has no one to talk to. No one to hang out with. And then she finds out her house needs to be rewired. And oddly enough she makes friends in the most unexpected places. The group of mommies (and daddy) find themselves to be great friends. They are there for each other through thick & thin. Alcoholic mothers, disapproving parents, cheating husbands. They get through it all.

And then Jack Newhouse returns to London. Can Natalie tell him the truth about Freddie? Did their romantic weekend mean as much to Jack as it did to Natalie? And where has Jack been for the last year?

There but for the grace of God goes I, is what I thought when I read Mommy By Mistake. You don't get to be a nearly thirty-four year old single woman without having a romantic weekend or two. Or a scare or two. The thought of being a single mother scares the bejeesus out of me. But Rowan Coleman shows us, that with the right support system, it is not as scary as it could be.


Lisa Mandina said...

I want a baby, though, and sometimes consider having a romantic weekend with an ex to get one. But like you, it scares me to death to be a single mom.

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