Friday, February 27, 2009

(20) Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen (audiobook)

It has been a while since I have blogged about an audio book. Since I moved, my commute has been cut in half, so I don't listen to audio books as much as I did before.

I found this little gem in the bargain section at B&N. Rise & Shine by Anna Quindlen was a great book to listen to. There are three main characters in this book. Bridget Fitzmaurice, Megan Fitzmaurice & New York City.

Bridget & Megan have come along way since they were orphaned at such young ages. Megan, the older Fiztmaurice sister, is the star of a network morning show (think Katie Couric on the Today show). And Bridget is a social worker in the projects. They are as close now as they were when they were kids.

One morning, Megan shocks the country when, thinking her mic is off, calls a guest "fuC%^& a$$%^&%. Her career & her marriage have spiraled out of control.

The fallout from Megan's little mistake doesn't just affect Megan. But Bridget and Leo as well. Not to mention the millions of people who are used to Megan being a part of their daily life. When Megan disappears to the Caribbean to recover from her mistake, can Bridget hold the family together & survive without her? Will Megan's career ever recover from the insult that was heard around the world?

I thoroughly enjoyed Rise & Shine. When talking with Jane, a Bookseller Extraordinaire, about reading Chick Lit books, she told me she had read Rise & Shine. But, I would not put in in the same classification as some of the "fluff" that I read. Not that "Chick Lit" books are bad, I just wouldn't recommend them to every customer. Rise & Shine is an intelligent, well written book. I would recommend it to any woman, no matter what their age. It is not Chick Lit, not fluff, and not a story to miss.


Mimi said...

I always like Anna Quindlen. Good to hear this is a delight.

The Empty Envelope said...

I have not read her but have wanted to. May need to add this after I finish Sinclair Lewis' 'Main Street'!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I have never read anything by Anna Quindlen. Any other suggestions?

Mimi said...

I particuarly love "The One True Thing" which I was going to re-read but after my mother was diagnosed with cancer (thanks be to God she's ok now) I gave it away.

I also enjoyed "Blessings" and "Object Lessons" - looking on Amazon to check the names, I'm realizing there are several more I should pick up.

You also may enjoy her "How Reading Changed my Life"

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