Sunday, December 21, 2008

~~ Grandma is Dead: Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals by Amanda McCall & Ben Schwartz

I don't usually blog about these type of books. Books with no plot or storyline. But this. This book must be shared. LOL
It is currently on our Humor table & they have been selling by the dozens, but I had never picked it up until today. I was tired & crabby & a bit short with the first couple customers of the day. But I read this book in less than five minutes & just giggled & giggled & giggled. OMG. It is so cute, I actually bought it. LOL. With captions like "Your Band Sucks" & "Your toupee isn't fooling anyone" you just can't help but giggle.
A quick google search led me to this website It appears as if several from the book can be found on the website. And just for the record, it is hard to be pissed & cranky when giggling like a crazy person.


Dave said...

This book kills me...

I love it!

Joy said...

OMG! I saw this book at our local B&N a couple of months ago and about wet myself looking at it in line.

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