Sunday, September 14, 2008

(87) Pug Hill by Allison Pace

Pug Hill is a fun little Chick Lit book.

Hope McNeill is the main character. Hope is 31 & dealing with a lot of stress in her life. She is stuck in a bad relationship with a guy she can barely tolerate. She is crushing big time on her co-worker. And her parents have asked her to conquer her fear of public speaking & give a toast at their 40th wedding anniversary.

We all have our "happy" places. For some of us it is the book store, for others it is the mall. For Hope McNeill, her happy place is Pug Hill in Central Park. Hope is one of those people who measures her life in terms of the dogs that have been in it. And they are all her Parent's dogs. She loves Pug's, yet does not have one of her own.

Hope tries to conquer her fear of Public Speaking & takes a class. And she breaks up with her jerk of her boyfriend. Can she get to that place in her life, where she finally gets a Pug for herself? Maybe.

I really liked this book up until the last chapter. The character obviously undergoes some personal growth & it is fun to watch her grow. And then you get to the last chapter & EVERYTHING gets tied up in a neat little bow & it is Happily Ever After. All in one chapter.

Just for the record, not all books have to be "Happily Ever After".


Lisa Mandina said...

Sounds like a good story. But I kind of like the happy ever after at the end sometimes cuz my life never is, so it's nice to have it all work out when it can. But that is just me!! I agree that they don't always have to have happy endings.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Lisa, I like happy endings, too. When the book has been leading that direction.

The main character's life was very REAL. And I could relate to it & that is what I liked.

Then BAM, out of NOWHERE, in the last chapter, all is well that ends well.

THAT drives me nuts.

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