Sunday, August 24, 2008

(83) Confessions of a Contractor by Richard Murphy

To the incredibly rich & famous of Los Angeles, a contractor is so much more than just the guy doing work on your house.

He can be your lover, your friend, your confidant, your shopping partner, your bargaining chip with your spouse, your one-up to your neighbor. He can be the guy who helps you put a swing set together on Christmas Eve or the guy who sleeps with your wife when you are out of town for the week.

The contractor becomes part of your family and part of your life through out the duration of your renovation. So you better make sure you have a good one. A contractor, that is.

After his father passed away, Henry loaded up all of his construction tools into his dad's pick-up truck & headed off to the City of Angels. He struggled for a bit, but here it is over fifteen years later & he is the most in-demand contractor in the city. He has more work than he can possibly handle. He has a growing grew & a growing desire for not one, but two of his "bosses". And that is when the story starts to get good.

Confessions of a Contractor is a steamy little novel. Written like a memoir, Murphy does an excellent job of hooking the reader with the inside secrets of the fabulously rich & wealthy. It looks like CBS agrees with me, too. It appears as if a series in development.

The book was an incredibly fast, easy read. Consider it the Devil Wears Prada of the construction industry in LA. The book that will have many husbands wondering about their own contractors. And a lot of contractors wishing Murphy would not have written the book!


Cathy said...

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Lisa Mandina said...

It sounds realy good!!

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