Sunday, August 3, 2008

(75) Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

756 pages. The fact that I finished the book in one day is shocking only to me.

I worked the midnight release party for this book on Friday night. Based on our reservations and the amount of people staffed, our CRM thought we would have the store cleared by 12:15. It was 12:45 before the store was cleared & 2:00 am before I left the store.
I felt hungover all day yesterday. And I feel HORRIBLE because some of those people that closed were scheduled back in at 11 or 12 on Saturday. Because I didn't expect them to be there so late. So, guys, I am SOOOO sorry.

Now onto the book. I enjoyed it. I think that Stephainie Meyer did an excellent job of wrapping things up nice & neatly. The book is not going to win any literary awards, although Twilight did win the Gateway Award for teen books, the subsequent books were nowhere near the caliber of Twilight. And I think that is why people continue reading the whole series. They want the rest of the series to induce the same gut wrenching emotions that Twilight evoked.

Breaking Dawn did not rip my guts out. I did get a little emotional at the end, when Bella was preparing for the worst case scenario. I don't want to give too much away. Read the book & you will understand.

There have already been a lot of less than stellar reviews posted all over the net. I will say that I liked it. I think that people are forgetting that this is a fictional, science fiction actually, book with fictional people. And in the world of make believe, ANYTHING is possible. I am glad that the story ended the way it did & I believe there were enough seeds placed for a spin-off so to speak, of Jacob & Nessie. At least, I hope she will write one. Maybe not drag it out into a four book saga, but one well written book is all it will take to appease me!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I came across your BLOG. So many wonderful book reviews! I have added many more books to my already long "books I need to read" list. Thanks :)

Marianne said...

didn't mean to post anon..

Lisa Mandina said...

I disagree that none of the books were as emotional as Twilight. I think New Moon was EXTREMELY emotional. As I said, it is the only book EVER that I turned to the last pages because I had to see that Edward came back or I would quit reading it right then. I still cried the 2nd and 3rd time I read New Moon at that same part. But yeah, Breaking Dawn won't win any awards, but like you I did enjoy it. I'm thinking I need to read it again actually.

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