Friday, July 11, 2008

(65) Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard

I am taking a break from my pile of ARC's and digging into the pile of Bargain books that have
slowly taken over my end table.

Cage of Stars was the first book on that pile. It is an unbelievable tale of a family in Utah. Most specifically, Ronnie. Ronnie is just twelve & the "hider" in a game of hide & seek with her little sisters. She emerges from her hiding spot to see Kevin Early standing over the lifeless bodies of the two girls, covered in blood.

Cage of Stars then goes on to tell the story of how the family deals with their grief. Ronnie tries to hold on to her anger, while her parents in turn decide to forgive the man who murdered their little girls.

As Ronnie gets older, her life takes her on a path that shocks even the most hardened reader. She is still struggling to comes to terms with what happened that November day. She struggles to be the person her parents what her to be.

Cage of Stars will touch your heart the way that will remind you of Jodi Picoult or Alice Sebold. It is a heartbreaking tale of forgiveness & growth. A nice break from the "fluff" of summer reading.


Kim & Jason said...

Came across your blog through Chick Lit group, your reviews are on the type of books I'm totally drawn to and this one in particular looks awesome. I've added it to my to-read list and I'll be back to check out more reviews! Thanks!

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