Saturday, June 28, 2008

(57) As Good As It Got by Isabel Sharpe

Well, I hate to say it. But this one was a stinker. If it wasn't such a fast read, I probably would not have finished it. But I did. In just under two hours.
The book is centered around four women who have recently found themselves single. One as a result of suicide. One just a regular widow. One because her asshole husband actually had the nerve to leave her for one of his mistresses. And the fourth woman because her married boyfriend has slipped into a coma & is not likely to recover.
These newly single women have met at a Women's Camp exclusively for Newly Single Women. It is run by a woman who has her own painful story to tell. And she is assisted by the handsome, "gay" Patrick.
Here is where the story just gets bad. Patrick turns out to NOT be gay & sleeps with all four women. The woman with the married boyfriend in a coma turns out to have some sort of mental disability that causes her to believe that this famous man is in love with her, when in reality he is not. The married woman with the asshole husband? Well the asshole husband comes begging her to come back to him.
The book was poorly written. The story was not well developed or even interesting. It really was a horrible book.
I want my $9.75 back. (That was after employee discount!)


Lisa Mandina said...

Does not sound good, of course, these "single" women don't count as a single woman to me, so I wouldn't probably have picked it up, but good to know!

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