Monday, June 16, 2008

(52) Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

Did you know that Lauren Weisberger was born in 1977? NINETEEN SEVENTY SEVEN!!
Which means that this woman has more natural talent in her little pinky than I will ever have. Why do I say that? Because that means that Miss Lauren Weisberger was like TWELVE when she wrote the hit novel, The Devil Wears Prada. Ok, maybe not twelve, but pretty dern close.
Oh, this useful information was learned by reading the copy wright page of her new novel, Chasing Harry Winston.
Yes. I am a dork.
Anyway. Chasing Harry Winston is the PERFECT book to read this summer sitting on the beach, or by the side of the pool. I know I have said that about a couple of books. But this one is truly a good beach read. Especially if you are coming off of the heels of the Sex & The City Movie.
Chasing Harry Winston is the story of three best friends in New York City. They are all coming up on their 30th birthday. And all three have struck out in love. They have done the "young, single girl" thing and are now ready to settle down.
There is Adriana, the trust fund girl, who does nothing but looks pretty & spend her parents money. She is a little envious of her career driven friends & as looking the suitable man.
There is Emmy. Who was dumped by her long term boyfriend, Duncan. He dumped her for his 23 year old personal trainer who is "saving herself for marriage". With the push of her friends, Emmy decides to step outside of her comfort level & seek men out on every continent she visits on a restaurant tour for work. Will she find love with the guy in England? Or the Cuban in Miami?
And finally, Leigh. Leigh is an up & coming book editor at the most famous publishing house in NYC. She works hard & manages to squeak out a little couple time with her boyfriend. And then her boyfriend proposes & Leigh has everything a girl should want, right?
Chasing Harry Winston is not going to win any Pulitzer's, you won't come away from this book having learned anything, but you will have successfully ventured into the world of single girls in NYC (ala Sex & the City). The book & the characters will remind you of Carrie & the girls. And if you are close to thirty or just hit thirty (I am 32) you will fully relate to the sense of urgency at finding a "suitable" husband".
Thoroughly enjoyable book!! Check it out for a great beach read!


Holly said...

Hi Charlotte!

Thanks for checking out our blog! You have a lot of great reviews here. I added you to the links on our page. Happy Reading!

Heather said...

I love this review. I just started this book last night and it's perfect for a summer read. Thanks for the review.

(Two Peas)

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