Friday, March 28, 2008

(30) My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson

I don't typically buy books at Wal-Mart. In fact, since starting to work for Barnes & Noble, I NEVER buy a mass market paperback. Knowing that eventually I can get a stripped copy. Well, yesterday, I was trapped at Wal-Mart waiting for them to change my tire. I very rarely allow myself to get caught in a waiting room without something to read. Everytime I go to get a haircut, doctor's appointment, oil change, ANYTHING, I stick a book in my purse.
So after my tire blew out, I was trapped at Wal-Mart & I saw this book. I had remember seeing it in Trade Paperback on the new release table. Who knew they had it in MassMarket as well. Well, by the time the car was done, TWO HOURS LATER(!!) I was 300 pages into this book.
Such an amazing book!!
Kamryn & Adele met at University. They were put together on an assignment & became more than best friends, they became family. Adele & Kam had gone through a lot together. Boy troubles. Family troubles. You name it. But they were also there for each other for the good times, too. Like when Kam fell in love with Nate.
They were both there for Adele when she became pregnant by an "unknown" man. Kam stood by her friend & was even in the delivery room for the birth of her Godchild, Teagan.
It wasn't until three years later that Kam discovered that the father of Adele's child was her very own fiance, Nate.
Life as Kam knew it ended. She broke of her engagement to Nate, she cut Adele out of her life & she moved from London to Leeds to start a new life nursing her resentment & hurt.
It was three years later, on her 32nd birthday that Kam opened a letter from Adele. It wasn't the first letter that Adele had sent, but Kam mistankingly opened this one, thinking it was a birthday greeting from someone else.
Adele was dying.
She needed Kam to come back to London & take on the responsibilities of a Godparent. She wanted Kam to adopt Teagan.
Soon, Mummy Ryn & Teagan are on their own. They are left to mend their broken hearts & broken family. Just when they both need it the most, Luke comes into their lives. At first he admittedly is only there because of the bond he forms with Teagan. But soon, a bond starts to develop between Kamryn & Luke.
This is a heartbreaking story about relationships. Between friends, between lovers, and between a mother & the child of her heart. Dorothy Koomson does an excellent job of tugging at your heart strings. Sitting there in the Wal-Mart waiting room I had to fight back tears many times. And I am not a cryer. This story just gets to your heart. It makes it very hard to put it down.
Great, Great book!! Check it out!


Lisa Mandina said...

This is one I saw on the new release table and thought about reading as well. Wow, it's in mass market too? I do buy mass markets sometimes because we don't always strip the ones I want. It's hardcovers I need to stop buying since they keep coming out on the bargain table for a fifth of the price I bought them for!!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

We can order it mass market, but we do not have the mass market in the store. And I agree with you -- I ONLY buy hardcover when they hit the bargain section. So really, the only books I pay list price (minus discount) for is the trade paper backs.

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