Monday, March 17, 2008

(27) She Went All the Way by Meg Cabot

Ok, I admit it. I have a crush on Meg Cabot. Her books are so, hmm, what is the word I am looking for.... easy to read. They are not challenging, I am not going to be stressed out or depressed reading one. They are like ice cream for the brain.
Fun, light hearted, smartly written, & very, very enjoyable.
She Went All the Way is no different. I read most of it in bed last night. I finally had to admit defeat and shut the light off with only a couple of chapters left. I tried to make it to the end, but I just couldn't hang in there.
Screenplay writer, Lou Colbrese is not happy when she discovered that she had to share a helicopter ride with bad boy actor Jack Townsend to get to the location of their new movie. She has disliked the actor for YEARS, but they were both humiliated in the public eye with their respective ex's ran off and got married.
Well, soon enough, they forget about the ex's because they are fighting for their lives. Someone wants Jack dead. Pretty badly.
The book continues with their story of survival in the Alaskan woods. Kinda unrealistic, but still ice cream for the brain!
She Went All The Way is a great little fluff book. Perfect for escaping the mundane of day to day single girl living.


Lisa Mandina said...

I can't wait to read this book as well. I love Meg Cabot's chick lit books as well. I like the one you're reading right now, isn't it written in the email or text message format? i love those kinds of books.

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