Friday, March 14, 2008

(25) Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

This is the book you need to read if you have teens in your life. Not necessarily your own kids, just teens in general.
David Sheff & his wife divorced when their son, Nic, was only four years old. The courts decided that it would be in Nic's best interest to live with his dad during the school year & with his mom on holidays & the summers.
David soon found the woman he was meant to be with and he married her. Karen fit into the family quite nicely. And with every passing day, her bond with Nic grew stronger and stronger.
Neither one of them were prepared for teen years. A few run ins with pot & they thought they had it easy.
Little did they know, that Nic had passed the experimental stage in jr high. It was the night of his high school graduation that Nic became acquainted with meth. Crystal. Tina. The drug that would soon control his life.
David Sheff tells the story of a concerned parent. A scared parent. A parent who expected to get the "I am sorry your son is dead" call many, many times. David does not hide his fear or his feelings. He talks of the sleepless nights. Driving around looking for his missing son. The "deals" he made with Nic. The Al-Anon meetings. And rehab after rehab.
This book is a must read for teen parents. It really is.
As soon as I finished this book, I dove head first into Tweak, Nic's book. I am about 80 pages into it and it tough to read. Tough because it is so graphic and so sad.
Which to read first? I don't know. I think Tweak should be read first, just having read Dad's story first. It might have more of an impact after reading Tweak.
Either way, these books need to be read. By you and your teens.


Francy said...

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Lisa Mandina said...

The sad thing about this is that at my middle school we already have drug problems, in fact one of the 8th grade teachers was telling me the other day that they feel that is the biggest problem on the 8th grade floor right now.

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