Tuesday, February 12, 2008

(17) Love Is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield

Mix Tapes.

If that is not a concept to throw you into the past, well, then. You must have been born after 1988.

I suspect that Love Is A Mix Tape was born out of grief for his beloved wife. Renee had past away at such a young, tender age. They had only been married for five years when she passed away suddenly from a Pulmonary Embolism.

The book starts with Rob going through the boxes and boxes of Mix Tapes that he and Renee had made over the years. As he goes through the tapes, he reminisces about their life together. The memories are sweet & tender, they are poignant and sad. You really feel for Rob as he grieves.

The Mix Tapes are the Soundtracks to their life together.

So, being a fan of Mix Tapes, it got me thinking back to various Mix Tapes that I have had in my life. My all time favorite was the one Kathy Regan made for me when I graduated high school. I know I still have it somewhere. But it was full of songs like "Friends" by Michael W Smith. And The Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

What would a mix tape of my life sound like now? At age 32?

Well, it would certainly have to have:

Without You by Motely Crue. This song was the anthem of my high school friend, Mike & I.

Yesterday's by Guns N Roses. My high school class song.

Follow Me by Uncle Kracker. Well it was the song playing when....

Mysterious Ways by U2 -- Well, the whole Actung Baby cd reminds me of the summer I turned 21 -- and the whole 99z racing crew.

Just a few songs that came to mind. I know there are more. And I know there will be more.

If you want to listen to some of Rob Sheffield's Mix Tapes, click on the link. http://www.randomhouse.com/crown/mixtape/

If you want to read the book, you can pick it up at B&N. It is currently on the Buy 2 Get 1 Free table.


Lisa Mandina said...

My mix tapes weren't much, mostly they were just me recording songs off the radio that I wanted to have my own copy of but didn't want or have the money to buy because I was in middle school or maybe high school by then. I actually do have some mix CD's where I took the time to put specific things together. This sounds like a neat book, and I love how you added your own mix tape list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I remember listening to the radio & just WAITING for the song we wanted to come on. Then making the mad dash to hit the pause button so we could get the whole song. --- Ah, the good ole days.

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